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I’ve been training in the gym for about 4years now and only wish I’d come across Bstrap sooner. Not only is it really versatile but allows for superior technique: proper loading of the targeted muscles, with much more ease and comfort.
Do yourself a favour and grab a Bstrap!

Heather W

Strong, purpose built straps, great colours, fit in gym bag easy, beginner or advanced bodybuilding/ gym enthusiast!
These straps are now apart of my daily workout and with endless variations targeting muscle group areas you won’t get with basic gym equipment.
Absolute great idea, fast shipping and love that they are a local QLD, Australian company.
We’ll done legends 💪🔥👌

Adam L

These straps kept me in the gym when I was injured! From tennis and golfers elbow to rotatorcuff pain these straps allowed me to still train hard with injuries they don't restrict your natural body movements allowing safe training day after day! I couldn't recommend this product enough!!


Quality product. I was really surprised by this as a training accessory. For cable exercises it really is amazing - movements have a better range of motion than a rope attachment, it's easier to control the lift throughout the entire movement and it's far more comfortable to use. I've ripped the stitching on many D handles but the stitching on this seems like it could easily handle 100kg+. It's like aeroplane seatbelt material - and considering the forces seatbelt material is designed for - I have no doubt this will hold up. Worth every cent.

Sam B

B-Strap is easily the most superior training accessory of its type available. Lifetime warranty and made from materials which will outlast humanity. With such versatility, B-Strap is the perfect addition to any gym bag.

Johnathan C

Best gym accessory I’ve used! So durable I’ve been able to use it for so many variations of exercises, it’s taken my workouts to a whole new level

Melissa M


Give the gift of gains!

Which strap is best for you?

Our straps explained


As the name suggests , the Goliath is the Big Boy on the block. At 80cm long, the Goliath is best suited to the bigger boys with longer limbs. Ideal for face pulls, rows, stiff arm pulldowns and more.

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Mini B

The shortest strap in the bunch at 31cm , the Mini-B is perfect for seated rows, pulldowns, tricep & bicep exercises, and single arm movements to allow maximum range.

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At 44cm the Sakura is the ideal strap smaller bodies that want versatility in all movements. Capable of any exercise with the comfort of being the perfect length for those smaller in stature.

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The OG

OG by name, OG by nature. The signature strap of Bstrap, the OG is 55cm and covers all the bases. Able to be used for absolutely any cable exercises it is the cornerstone of any gym bag.

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Need some training inspo?

With a near unlimited range of exercises available for use with our straps, we have a helpful list to get you started!