Equipment isn’t much use without the know how.
To set you up for success we have some exercise selection content to help you on your way.
With a range of movements for each part of the body, you will be equipped with
the knowledge to implement these exercises into your workout using the Bstrap
All of these movements will compliment any training style for any goal by
utilizing optimum range of movement and mind-muscle connection.

Don’t talk about it….B about it!

  • Triceps

    > Tricep push down

    > Tricep extension

    > Bentover tricep push down 

    > Overhead tricep extension 

    > Single arm tricep push down

    > Bstrap* wrist roll tricep contraction

    > Laying tricep extension

  • Biceps

    > Bicep curl (hands through

    > Single arm bicep curl (back towards machine) 

    > Seated bicep curl

    > Seated preacher curl

    > Single arm cross body bicep curl

  • Abs

    > Kneeling oblique crunch  (straps over shoulders)

    > Kneeling abdominal crunch  (straps over shoulders)  

    > Kneeling ab crunch

    > The Bstrap axe chop (abs)

    > laying leg raise

  • Back

    > Stiff arm pulldown close grip 

    > Stiff arm wide grip pulldown 

    > Single arm pulldown 

    > Behind the neck lat pulldown 

    > Close grip lat pulldown 

    > Wide grip lat pulldown 

    > Single arm lat pulldown 

    > Cable row (seated) 

    > Single arm cable row 

    > Low cable row (Cable connection down the very bottom and rowing shoulders

    > Single arm low cable row

  • Shoulders

    > Shoulder press

    > Single arm shoulder press

    > Single arm side lateral raise

    > Front raise 

    > Single arm front raise

    > Upright row

    > Single arm rear delt crossover 

    > High face pull 

    > Mid range face pull 

    > Low range face pull 

  • Lower

    > Squats (with cable at lowest point on machine)

    > Cable goblet squat

    > Glute pull through 

    > Good mornings

    > Straight leg RDL

    > Glute kick back

    > Single leg hip abduction


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