A dream becomes a reality.

From a place 3 years ago with Chris sitting at a friends kitchen table at 2am because his brain wouldn’t let him sleep until he perfected a single row stitch without clumping, to hours and hours with 100s of kms/miles of polyester thread to get it as close to perfect as he can make it (400kg/880lbs load rated so far). That’s why when you purchase from Bstrap you buy a lifetime warranty gym accessory.

That’s right, lifetime.

The time spent on product testing and development is the basis of our premium product, with a premium warranty. Our dream was to provide a quality accessory you only buy once. We are not in this business to provide you with accessories and call it finished trade. Bstrap is a “for life” investment in your training future. Our business partners, sponsored athletes and ambassadors will know we’re in this for them, as we live and breathe this life.

We are about building a longer table not a higher fence.

Our company motto is simple.
“Same movement, just better”

Our passion and drive is people, not things. We have brought an idea to life through our own high standards and core values and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have have enjoyed bringing them to you.

2 best mates from Queensland Australia, with over 10 years of friendship from humble beginnings with an idea and a dream. Through determination and perseverance we are proud to bring you Bstrap.

Just like our warranty, we are - for life.

Chris & Christian