> Tricep push down

> Tricep extension

> Bentover tricep push down 

> Overhead tricep extension 

> Single arm tricep push down

> Bstrap* wrist roll tricep contraction

> Laying tricep extension


> Bicep curl (hands through

> Single arm bicep curl (back towards machine) 

> Seated bicep curl

> Seated preacher curl

> Single arm cross body bicep curl


> Kneeling oblique crunch  (straps over shoulders)

> Kneeling abdominal crunch  (straps over shoulders)  

> Kneeling ab crunch

> The Bstrap axe chop (abs)

> laying leg raise


> Stiff arm pulldown close grip 

> Stiff arm wide grip pulldown 

> Single arm pulldown 

> Behind the neck lat pulldown 

> Close grip lat pulldown 

> Wide grip lat pulldown 

> Single arm lat pulldown 

> Cable row (seated) 

> Single arm cable row 

> Low cable row (Cable connection down the very bottom and rowing shoulders

> Single arm low cable row


> Shoulder press

> Single arm shoulder press

> Single arm side lateral raise

> Front raise 

> Single arm front raise

> Upright row

> Single arm rear delt crossover 

> High face pull 

> Mid range face pull 

> Low range face pull 

Lower body

> Squats (with cable at lowest point on machine)

> Cable goblet squat

> Glute pull through 

> Good mornings

> Straight leg RDL

> Glute kick back

> Single leg hip abduction

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